Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report 4/5

Working gas in storage was 2,479 Bcf as of Friday, March 30, 2012, according to EIA estimates. This represents a net increase of 42 Bcf from the previous week. Stocks were 887 Bcf higher than last year at this time and 934 Bcf above the 5-year average of 1,545 Bcf. In the East Region, stocks were 425 Bcf above the 5-year average following net injections of 11 Bcf. Stocks in the Producing Region were 401 Bcf above the 5-year average of 644 Bcf after a net injection of 26 Bcf. Stocks in the West Region were 108 Bcf above the 5-year average after a net addition of 5 Bcf. At 2,479 Bcf, total working gas is above the 5-year historical range.

Working gas stocks in the Producing Region, for the week ending March 30, 2012, totaled 1,045 Bcf, with 260 Bcf in salt cavern facilities and 786 Bcf in nonsalt cavern facilities. Working gas stocks increased 11 Bcf in the salt cavern facilities and increased 16 Bcf in the nonsalt cavern facilities, since March 23. An historical series of the salt and nonsalt subtotals of the Producing Region, dating back to January 7, 2011, is available for download at: wngsr_producing_region_salt.xls.