EPA Proposes Strict Limits on Coal Plants

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  • Updated March 27, 2012, 12:03 p.m. ET


    WASHINGTON—The EPA proposed strict limits on greenhouse-gas emissions from new power plants despite warnings from utilities and others that such a step would lead to the demise of coal-fired electricity generation.

    The agency outlined a standard that analysts said would effectively ban new coal-fired stations unless they use carbon-capture technology, which hasn't yet been proven cost-effective.

    The EPA said the rule wouldn't apply to existing power plants, including when they make modifications to comply with other air-pollution rules, addressing a major concern of the power industry. The rule would also exempt new plants that are permitted and under construction within the next 12 months, the agency said.

    The Obama administration will now take public comments on the proposal, and it isn't clear they will finalize it before the November presidential election.

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